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site redesign

3 August, 2009

I may be on Facebook now, but my first love is still my blog. I know, I know, I’m so 2004, but this is my medium: slow (in the scheme of things), intentional, barely networked, and at times thoughtful. Not even Twitter has been able to rival my affections. To prove it, the site has undergone a complete redesign, and I think it’s the best it’s ever looked. You feed readers might want to click over and check it out.

Along with a clean layout and less clutter, the new design has a custom banner, which I will be changing now and then, to the endless amusement of us all. The current banner is of the hanging of the squishy pig who lives in the batcave, which is one of the ways that I amuse myself over the summer when I’m there alone all day. You students may not be looking forward to it, but I can’t wait for the new semester.

pig header-2.jpg


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