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the man, himself

12 August, 2009

My long reading of Yours, Jack, a collection of personal letters written by C. S. Lewis, has come to an end, which means that, like it or not, you’ll be getting less Lewsian quotes than you’ve grown accustomed to around here. Of course, the best way to bring closure to a series on Lewis is with more Lewis. I give you actor David Payne’s incredible reproduction of an evening in Lewis’ presence before his “crossing over.” As far as I can tell, having listened to Lewis’ old radio addresses and viewed many photographs, this is (alas) as close as you and I will ever get. Many of the lines were taken directly from Lewis’ personal letters, and everything from his tone to his mannerisms are recreated. The talk is autobiographical, with plenty here for old friends and new acquaintances. It might mean I’m a sap, but the best part is undoubtedly the last, when he talks about his time together with his wife. So steep yourself a pot of tea, settle in, and click play.

(ht: darrin)

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