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humanists *heart* jesus

21 February, 2012

We all know that Jesus loves secular, humanist, atheist, agnostic, and sceptical students, but bsmucalgary’s own John (aka Fuzzy, aka Le Fusils (to be said with an obnoxious French accent, le oui oui!)), makes the case that, when they take their stance seriously, they advantage the Christian community in return.

You can say whatever you want, but be prepared for the inevitable “Well, why do you believe that?” And it is precisely this dedication to intellectual honesty which I find so continually endearing. Perhaps even more than endearing: necessary. Which brings me to my central point – secularism may be our (i.e. Christianity’s) new best friend. Secularism: Christianity’s New Best Friend? | Apologia

The best part about this, the thing that makes it, to my mind, so worth reading, is how clearly it illustrates the mindset of the missionally engaged. After years of following Jesus amongst the sort of the people he’s writing about, he gets them, loves them, identifies with them, and values what’s good in them. At the same time he sees them redemptively and approaches them as God did the world, speaking truth from the servant’s position of powerlessness. A missional textbook study. (And we always thought John would show up as a psychology textbook study…)

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