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shrove tuesday

21 February, 2012

shrove pancakes.jpg

pancake chef.jpgMy family and I kept Shrove Tuesday tonight with a traditional pancake dinner. Mmm… Our kids are at the right age to begin new traditions, so for the first time we’re keeping Lent together as a family. Yes, I’m going to keep all of Lent this year. It’s finally happened: I have kept Ent often enough that I am going to break it by keeping Lent, and so we’ll be starting tomorrow, on Ash Wednesday, with the majority of the Christian world.

After a discussion about what Lent means and why we want to keep it, a very entertaining brainstorming session between (almost) 4 and 5 year old girls about what we might want to give up, with great and serious concern showed for the cake that will need to be eaten at Caitlin’s birthday this weekend, we decided to give up after-dinner desserts and bedtime stories, things near and dear to us all. Instead we will sit as a family, read a story from the Bible, and remember the one we love even more than eccles cakes (which have the distinction of being the world’s single greatest pastry). We’ll mourn the passing of dessert, but we won’t be glumly reading a passage while we wish we had something frosted. No, we’re giving something up, however slight it might be, in order to practice God’s presence. We’re going to read stories and pray such that the girls won’t even miss dessert, and by the time Easter Sunday arrives, they’ll be more excited about the resurrection than the Easter Bunny. At least, that’s the goal. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I won’t be able to celebrate the next 40 days with you peeps at bsmucalgary, but consider what you might want to do to set aside the next month and a bit to build anticipation and practice the presence of God in much the way we do via our slightly modified and theologically correct Jesus Prayer.

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  1. Jason Shine permalink
    22 February, 2012 10:06 am

    We had pancakes, sausage, bacon, berries, whipped cream, and eggs, tater tots, and Charissa even added two slices of toast to her plate, she really is dedicated to Shrove Tuesday celebrations more than most people. We had friends here from acorss the street and from across the city because to me it isn’t a party if you don’t invite someone.

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